Production and Service

Hoist has a consolidated experience and technical support able to satisfy your every need.
The most complex situations and requests do not scare us. For years we have been designing and supplying ad hoc solutions in order to supply the right machine for your needs.
From standard cranes, passing through special cranes, up to solutions with complex systems with partial or total automation, Hoist will be your faithful support.


Design according to Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC
Machine safety assessments according to Legislative Decree 81/2008
Study of ad hoc solutions through Autodesk Suite (Autocad, Inventor, Fusion 360, Finite Element Analysis)
Residual life checks according to the provisions of the Ministerial Decree of 11 April 2011, ISO 9927-1, FEM 9.755


Processes and processing management according
to ISO 9001: 2015

Verifications and product quality managed by order
Staff continuously updated and trained in compliance with Legislative Decree 81/2008
New generation machinery and equipment
Verifications and tests managed internally (if required with the presence of the end customer)


Initially structured as after-sales service, today HOIST is able to provide full management of your equipment fleet. In addition to simple intervention for any failures, we have implemented a system for monitoring and scheduled maintenance which covers all legal obligations (Legislative Decree no. 81/2008 and Machinery Directive 2006/42 EC). The service will be explained more in the section “Routine Maintenance”.

Services related to the service:

Service and spare parts
Ordinary maintenance
Revamping, transformations and calculations of Remaining working life
Regulatory Advice (Decree 81/2008, Directive 2006/42 / EC, and ISO Standards FEM).

Each one of our teams consists of a mechanic and an electrician, trained and continuously updated with several hours of internal training (safety regulations, new technologies) and outside training of the various brands in Italy, and who are prepared to face and solve any kind of problem.

Hoist - Production and Service - installations


With the help of assembly teams, HOIST installs its own production equipment both in Italy and abroad (France, England, Russia, Chile, Peru).

Thorough analysis from the technical studio and the great professionalism of the technical staff allow HOIST to successfully tackle any operation related to the assembly, disassembly and transfer of lifting equipment. Any requests for installing non-Hoist branded machinery will be evaluated from time to time by the technical department in collaboration with the manufacturer of the same.

Hoist - Production and Service - Revamping and transformations

Revamping, Transformations and Calculating residual working life

It often happens that a system needs to be modernized / modified to meet changing business needs, or in some cases to meet new standards / technical directives. 

    For this, our technical offices are available for all your requests. To be more specific: – Reduction or increase in the flow – Reduction or increase in the gauge – Amending the lifting speed, the bridge and / or trolley – Modification or reconstruction of the electrical system – Installation of the load cells with possible video display – Installing remote controls – Calculating the residual life

    Regulatory advice

    Services related to the post-sale and free for all our customers provides our knowledge of legislative and technical standards. We believe it is important that we keep updated and informed all owners of HOIST facilities and/or systems which we manage (Routine Maintenance).

    Standard crane

    Single and twin-beam overhead cranes, jib cranes, suspended Installations.

    Special cranes

    High capacity, intensive duty cranes, gantry cranes, special lifting operations.

    Under-hook equipment

    Slingbars, clamps, bands and chains, custom-made under-hook equipment.

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