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HOIST Srl was founded in 1995, initially established in a small building in Levico but already the following year it moved to Civezzano in a larger factory.
With a limited workforce, it makes itself known in the area with the production of small and medium-sized lifting systems and replaces OMT (Officine Meccaniche Trentine), a historic company that has been involved in lifting since 1953.
In fact, thanks to the many years of experience of some technicians from the aforementioned OMT, to their strong entrepreneurial vein, they are able with perseverance to create a technical structure capable of responding to the needs of the market. Quality products, often studied ad hoc for the customer, give Hoist the basis to create an increasingly significant position in the world of lifting.
A few years later, the staff doubled, the design and construction skills obtained various awards both at regional and national level. The production area is thus expanded by doubling it, additional commercial, engineering and technical figures are hired and trained.

However, the mission remains unchanged: Provide quality products, study specific solutions, all suitably supported by a valid and always present assistance service.

At the end of 2018 the construction of the new headquarters was completed and in the first months of 2019 HOIST moved to Via Tamarisi in Pergine Valsugana.

The new factory now covers 4000 m² of production area on an area of over 7000 m² plus an office building on three floors. The employees have grown to over 25 units, most of the production machinery, construction site equipment, vehicles have been replaced with models that have evolved to meet the new performance and quality requirements.

Great attention was also paid to the technological and IT aspects. IT equipment (Server, PC, Tablet, Smartphone), management systems, design software, mobile applications have been renewed and updated to meet the new needs of the market.

Always focused on continuous improvement, HOIST today is a reference for the small, medium and heavy lifting market.

UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 certified, HSE verified, SOA certification, currently being processed UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 and UNI EN ISO 45001: 2018, Hoist can boast collaborations and customers both nationally and abroad.

Curiosity about the meaning of the brand:
HOIST translation from English into Italian
OIST Officina Impianti Sollevamento e Trasporto = Workshop for movement and Lifting Systems

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