Gantry Crane

The gantry cranes operate normally in the open environment because the guide rails are positioned on the ground. As for bridge cranes, the structure can be in single beam version for small/medium loads and double girder for medium/high loads. The size can be substantial, both in gauge (light) both in height; they can also be provided with protrusions on one side or both over the track gauge. There are various solutions with cranes with “drawn up” parts on the ground on one side only, which are defined as “lame”.

Hoist - Gru a cavalletto
Gantry Crane Hoist Hoist P = 45 t – Hydroelectric power plant.
Hoist - Gru a cavalletto
Gantry crane Hoist winch P = 22 t – Dam service.
Hoist - Gru a cavalletto
Gantry crane Hoist winch P = 90 t – Laos Hydroelectric Power Plant.
Hoist - Gru a cavalletto
Gantry crane Hoist winch P = 25 t – Loading of components and machinery. Tire production.
Hoist - Gru a cavalletto
Gantry crane Hoist winches P = 10 + 10 t –
Central Slovenia.
Hoist - Gru a cavalletto
Internal gantry crane P = 15 t – Components assembly department.

Standard crane

Single and twin-beam overhead cranes, jib cranes, suspended Installations.

Under-hook equipment

Slingbars, clamps, bands and chains, custom-made under-hook equipment.

Production and Service

Installations, assistance and spare parts, regulatory advice.
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