Suspended installations

Basically they consist of small cranes suspended in existing structures or specially prepared to cover a working area. In recent years, due to their ease of use, this solution was widespread in many industrial environments.

The main advantages are:

fraction of the cost compared to a traditional bridge crane even with equal capacity
it is possible to install them also in environments without any pre-arrangement without needing to work on or modify the building works
even in comparison with the column and/or jib cranes this benefit exists because no specific structural constraints are required
easier to maneuver, with lower inertia, than jib cranes themselves
Their “autonomous and independent” conformation makes them easy to move to other zones at any time without changes.
Suspended system use electrical chain hoists for lifting, horizontal movements can be pushed or driven.
The facilities are normally made “in duct” in the Push version and with beams in the version with motorized horizontal movements. The constructive components are standardized for both the “bridges” and “runways”, various fastening systems allow for suspension in most different situations.
Hoist - Impianti sospesi

Nr. 2 + 2 Suspended plants P = 250 + 250 + 250 + 250 Kg with chain complete with shared supporting structure –
Axles Assembly Department.

Hoist - Impianti sospesi

Detail of nr. 1 bridge P = 250 Kg with chain –Axles Assembly Department.

Hoist - Impianti sospesi

Nr. 2 Suspended systems P = 1000 kg in chain
Gauge = 6 m – Window Frame Installation Department.

Hoist - Impianti sospesi

Suspended system P = 1000 Kg with chain complete with suction cup for glass.

Hoist - Impianti sospesi

Suspended system P = 1000 Kg chain lifting with inverter – Mechatronics Research and Development Department.

Hoist - Impianti sospesi

Detail of suspended system with chain hoist with inverter.

Standardization in “push” channel

Capacity 125 – 250 – 500 – 1000 Kg
Widths from 3 m to 7 m

Motorized “beam” version

Capacity over 1000 Kg
Width up to 20 m

Special cranes

High capacity, intensive duty cranes, gantry cranes, special lifting operations.

Under-hook equipment

Slingbars, clamps, bands and chains, custom-made under-hook equipment.

Production and Service

Installations, assistance and spare parts, regulatory advice.
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